Creating Users on the COMET system

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The following guide explains how to create new users for your club on COMET, as well as editing existing user profiles. Please note, you will require the 'User Creator' role in order to do this. 

Go on to your MyClub Page

To create new users, you need to first go into your My Club page. This can be located under the 'Clubs' dropdown

Once are you on this page, you need to go on the 'Users' tab, and then press 'New User'. 

Fill in the User Details

To set up a user you need to do the following:

1. Enter the Given Name and Family Name.

The system will then automatically generate a username for the individual based on this information.

Please note: If creating your own usernames, you MUST use all lowercase letters for the username to work.

2. Enter the Email address of the individual.

3. Set the user up with either a club account, or an account for a specific team within the club. 

By clicking the magnifying glass, you can select a specific team within the club for a user. This will ensure they will only get emails in relation to matches for that specific team, instead of emails relating to the whole club. 

If this person needs access for the whole club though, then leave this box as it is at club level.

Please note: If adding a user to a specific team within the club, they can only have the Team Lineup Manager role. 

Set up the User Roles

At this point, you now simply tick the boxes of the roles you want to assign to the user.

As mentioned above, if you are setting up a user for a team, then they can only have the Team Lineup Manager role.

If an individual needs to be a user for the overall club though, an individual can be assigned to any of the specific roles and there is no limit to the number of people you can set up as users within your organisation, giving you maximum flexibility to get the help you need to run your club and carry out any required tasks through COMET.

Please note: If Club Manager or Club Manager (Junior) are ticked, this will give access to all roles, apart from User Creator and Club Licensing Club Responsible, so if you tick either of these, don't then tick all of the other boxes as well.

Once you are happy the person will be set up with the roles you want them to have, simply click Save.

This will then send the relevant user an email containing their username and password to log into COMET.

What access does each role provide?

Club Manager
This is the Club’s Super User. If this box is ticked the person will have access to all roles within the club, apart from the Club Licensing Club Responsible and Club User roles. 

Club Manager (Junior)
similar to Club Manager but cannot access any player contract information. If this box is ticked the person will have access to all roles within the club, 
apart from the Club Licensing Club Responsible and Club User roles.

If a person has the Club Manager box ticked there is no need to tick any other box apart from the two in bold above. If multiple boxes are ticked, the user is likely to receive multiple copies of emails sent through COMET. If the user will be a main COMET user, then you should ensure that one of these roles is ticked. 

Other Roles

Club Player Administrator
ability to carry out player registrations for the club.

Club Contract Administrator
ability to upload, view and edit player contract details.

Club Officials Administrator
ability to self-register Club officials.

Club Coach Administrator
ability to register coaches to the the club.

Club Safeguarding Officer
can view safeguarding details but cannot change details. Must have a DBS and the FAW Safeguarding Award to take on this role.

Club Staff Administrator
ability to register people to the the club in any of the Staff roles on COMET.

Club Payment Administrator
ability to access the MyComet section of COMET to pay for transactions for the club.

Club Licensing Club Responsible
You need to specifically tick this box to be able to ensure someone in your club can access any Club Affiliation, Club Accreditation or Tier 1/UEFA Licensing applications on COMET.

Team Lineup Manager
ability to select and submit team line-ups, whether for a specific team if setting up as a user for a specific team, or for the whole club if registering as a club user.

User Creator
ability to create new users within Club.

An individual can hold one, several or all of these roles and there is no limit on how many users you can set-up. Each role will have different capabilities and be able to access different areas on COMET.

Please note: The User Creator role does not allow you to amend your own access. You will therefore need someone else at the club to amend your user roles if needed, or if this is not possible, please log a help ticket and the FAW will be able to assist in adding or amending your roles.

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