How to use the 'Competition Teams' Report when creating fixtures.

Modified on Wed, 29 May 2024 at 12:08 PM

The following guide explains how to use COMET Data and Reports to aid with the creation of fixture spreadsheets. 

When uploading fixtures on COMET, the system will not accept a spreadsheet unless the team names and dates are in the correct format. As a result, uploading fixtures can often take many attempts if there are any errors in the spreadsheet. 

The chance of these errors can be greatly reduced, by using the 'Competition Teams' Report on COMET Data when creating fixtures. 

Accessing COMET Data

You can access COMET Data in two ways:

1. Log into COMET and press onto your name in the top right hand corner. You can then select COMET Data from the list. 

2. You can also access MyCOMET using the following link -

What to do once you are on COMET Data

1. Click on Competitions and then (54) 'Competition Teams'

2. Update Search Parameters

As a competition manager, when you first visit this page, the association will normally populate to your league. In order for the reports to work, you will need to change this to your area association instead.

You will then need to ensure season is filled in. (in this example 2024 refers to the 23/24 season)

You can then start typing the name of the competition in the 'competition' tab. Once you find the relevant one, you can click on it and it will appear in a bubble like the below. You can select as many competitions here as you like. 


3. Run Report

At the bottom of the page, you can then run the report

4. Filtering the report

Once you run the report, it will bring up a lot of information. For this, you only need a couple of the tabs. 

Press the icon indicated below to bring up filters

5. Select your filters

First, press 'Show All' to untick all of the boxes, and then you can tick the ones you want. 

For the purpose of this, we would recommend selecting the 'name' and 'club' tab. This will bring up the name of the competition (useful if running multiple at once) and the name of the team. 

Please note: This needs to be 'club' not 'parent club'

6. Export to Excel

Now you should just have two columns, which you can now export to excel to use. 

Export to excel should take the report to your downloads, where you can open it.

7. Use for the fixture spreadsheet

Now you have the list of clubs in excel, you can simply copy and paste them into the fixture list. If you ensure to copy and paste the cell (rather than highlighting the text) this will ensure that the team names are exactly as they need to be. 

If you have any questions/difficulties with any of the above, please open a ticket and we will be happy to assist. 

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